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Gand Open Day

We are glad to announce that L2Galion PvP Custom is ready to launch. We worked on this platform alot of months and we have to say that he have did an awesome job, the platform is based on L2jFrozen interlude.
We are glad to announce that the server will open the day 17.01.14 at 18:00 GMT+2.
For any question that is not answered on the forum or website pm us on Forum.




Start Event

The people with the buggest nomber of Shares


You have to send me a .doc with all links. 

Send me pm in forum or Skype.


By: ADM][Galion


Info: Login Server

Status: Online

Шаблоны Lineage 2


Info: Game Server
Status: Online



Шаблоны Lineage 2
Шаблоны Lineage 2
Here you can see all server news.
Here u can stay tunned for all events.
Here u can report all about our Server.
Here you can recruit or get a clan.
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For make a donation you may contact us on this Skype: royaluuu or Petition in Game.

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